Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Some days, it's more frustrating than fun

Jasmine has been getting to be a bit of a noisy nuisance.

She is a Welsummer, and started laying chocolate brown eggs very late - she was well over a year old. She's not the cleverest of chickens, but is very pretty.

A little while ago she developed a rather unusual call, more of a honking than anything, making her sound more like a goose than a chicken. It's been a bit irritating from time to time, but she only has honking fits every so often.

In common with many Girls, she also likes to announce The Arrival of The Egge. Her call on these occasions is very loud, and goes on for some time.

Today, she announced the Arrival of The Egge, very loudly, when in fact she hadn't actually laid. Twice. The third time, it wasn't funny any more as her foghorn voice went on and on. In fact, she had produced the Egg this time, but she just wouldn't shut up about it. She went on and on and on. And on and on. And on. And on. And on. I went out and shushed her. She stopped. Then when I was out of sight, she started again. Apparently from the beginning, rather than just picking up where she left off.

So I went out again. I tried spraying water near her each time she started. After a minute of silence I'd come in, only to have her start as soon as she saw me step in to the kitchen. This "game" went on for some time. In the end, in sheer frustration (because by this time she was making such a noise I thought the neigbours would surely be round to see what on earth was happening) that I caught her and brought her in the kitchen. In the kitchen, not a bok.

Then Daisy appeared at the window, which was something of a feat as the Girls are behind netting down the garden. I caught Daisy, and put her back behind the netting. I saw Lily trying to leap over the netting as I did so, but she wasn't able to get the thrust to get over.

I got back to the house, Jasmine was still very quiet, but was frantically pecking the window trying to get out. I went round to pick her up to release her, and saw two white chickeny faces peering in at me. This time Lily and Daisy together had got over the fence.

So. I put them back, and then I put Jasmine back out in the garden.

By the time I got back to the kitchen, Jasmine was honking again. At least she's stopped the Announcement, I suppose.

I need to talk to DH about this. If this keeps happening, I think Jasmine will need to be rehomed. Our neighbours mum may be moving in with them, and I don't want this to cause problems for them - or for our relationship with them.

Jasmine must consider herself "on notice", I think.

I've just watched Daisy escape. She doesn't fly over the netting, she manged to find a bit where there was a weeny gap between the bottom of the netting and the ground - and she slowly limbo-ed under it.

Ha ha ha.

I've removed the gap now.

Poor Daisy is trying to find her limbo point, and there are now three chickens (Daisy, Milly, Lily) lined up trying to walk through the fencing. Bless 'em.

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