..Our chooks, RIP

RIP Garden Girls

A fox attack on 29 April 2015 killed 4 of our 5 garden Girls.

Florence - Australorp
Hatched (Castle Farm egg) b.27.05.2010 Killed by Fox 29 April 2015
Enormous, but had no idea; scatty; funny

Roobarb - Welsh Black
Home hatched (Rose or Ruby) b.27.05.2010 . Killed by Fox 29 April 2015Surrogate cockerel, made the funnies sounds. Every moult returned a slightly more coppery hen.
Custard - Sasso
Home hatched (Roo x Mrs RooToo) b2010. Killed by Fox 29 April 2015Horrible bully chicken, who mellowed in her last year.

Lottie - Exchequer Leghorn
Home hatched (from CastleFarm Eggs) b.05.07.2012. Killed fox 29 April 2015
Completely loopy, unable to share a nestbox - unhappy if someone using next-door nestbox. Very vocal, very flighty, very cuddly, very lovely. very friendly, very clever.

Tilda - "Sasso"
Home hatched April 2010, daughter of Roo and Mrs. Died 24.07.2014
My house hen. Picture is of her as a youngster.  Goodbye Tilda here: http://witchhazelhens.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/goodby-tildy.html

Milly - Cream Legbar
Arrived (with Jasmine) July 2008 aged 8 weeks . Died 01.07.2013
Very pretty, but possibly the nastiest most spiteful hen that ever lived.
Lily - White Star  - d30.05.2011Arrived (with Daisy) Jan 2009 aged 14 weeks
My loveliest most favourite Girl. Loopy, but such a friendly girl.
Daisy - Amber Star - d06.04.11(Arrived Jan 2009 aged 14 weeks)
My gentle girl. Happy to be picked up. Superb escape artist, limboing under the slightest gap.

Delilah - Bluebelle - d13.03.11
My beautiful girl. Superb colouring,  big, bossy, and lovely.

Jasmine - Welsummer - d18.03.10 (Arrived July 2008 aged 8 weeks)
Possibly the world's least intelligent chicken.   Didn't come into lay until over 40 weeks old;  stopped for the winter and never re-started.   
Scarlett - Transylvanian Naked Neck - d03.11.08
Such a gorgeous girl, but sooooo noisy!

Lydia - Buff Sussex - d12.05.08
Supersoft gentle girl.

RIP - Allotmenteers
Mrs Flint - Dorking X - d20.03.11 
Tiny and absolutely beautiful lady. Mother of Pogo, Siouxie, and NotNorman.
Pogo - Dorking X - b05.09.09; d27.12.10
Injured in a scuffle, nursed back to health.  
Mrs RooToo  - Sasso -  b07.08.2009; d06.04.10
Enormous, beautiful, home hatched girl.  Mother of Custard. 

Mrs FlintToo - Dorking X - d14.11.09 
Petite and lovely, such a pretty girl, and such soft feathers.Mother of Norman.

Roo - Sasso
Home hatched (Ebay) - b.07.08.09; d12-07-11

Rose - Welsh Black- Castle Farm
Arrived 2010 (hatched 2009?) Died (prolapse) 14th April 2012

Ruby - Welsh Black - Castle Farm
Arrived 2009 (hatched 2009?), died 03.09.2012

Coffee - Black Rock Hybrid - Chicken of Fate
Arrived Sept 2011 (aged about 6 mths) died 05.03.2014

Goodbye Coffee http://witchhazelhens.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/goodbye-chicken-of-fate.html

Mrs Roo - Sasso
Home hatched (Ebay eggs) - b.07.08.2009 d.29.07.2014
The last of the first lot of chicks we hatched ourselves.  Wife of Roo, mother of Tilda.
Goodbye Mrs http://witchhazelhens.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/goodbye-mrs.html


Norman - Dorking X
Home hatched (Flint x Mrs FlintToo) b18.09.2009, died 23.05.2015. Taken by a fox because some mindless idiots broke into the allotment and let the chooks out.

NotNorman - Dorking X
Home hatched (Flint x Mrs Flint) b05.09.2009. Taken by an unknown predator 12.09.2016

GreenRing3 Peacomb
Home hatched (Harem x Henry) b06.06.2014 Died 21.07.17.  Unexpected.

Home hatched (Rose/Ruby x Roo) b11.04.2011. Died 04.08.2017
Sister to Norah. Lovely, friendly, bolshy, nosy girl. Not quite right one day, died that night. Over 6 years old.

Adult Batty

Young Batty

Henry Home hatched from Castle Farm (Australorp/Indian Game) fertile egg. b05.07.2012, died 13.08.17 aged 5.
Such a gorgeous gentle boy. Great with his ladies,  great with us.

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