..Our Chooks

My current lovely Garden Girls

Poppy - Welsh Black (Australorp x Indian Game)
Home hatched (from CastleFarm Eggs) b.05.07.2012
Only survivor of fox attack on home hens

Poopy (right) with baldy bit from where Gloria (left) was establishing dominance

Gloria - Welsh Black (Indian Game x Australorp)
Home hatched (from CastleFarm Eggs) b.05.07.2012
Originally one of my lovely Allotmenteers, brought home to keep Poppy company. Top chook.

Sasha - Appenzeller Spitzhauben 
Bought as a day old (from Wilsons Rare Breed Poultry). 2015
Number 4 in the pecking order.

Fleur - Cuckoo Marans
Bought at about 7 weeks old (from Wylie Valley Poultry) 2015
Not sure if she's number 3 or number 2 in the pecking order.

Faye - Fayoumi
Bought at about 7 weeks old (from Wylie Valley Poultry) 2015.
Number 5 in the pecking order.


My current lovely Allotmenteers

Siouxie Sioux - Dorking X 
Home hatched (Flint x Mrs Flint) b05.09.2009

Henry - Welsh Black
Home Hatched (Castle Farm Eggs) b. 2012

Some of the Harem
Home Hatched (Castle Farm Eggs) b. 2012

The destined-for-dinner girls who instead joined the flock (hatched 2014)

Daughter of NoraOrBatty and Henry

Daughter of NoraOrBatty and Henry.  Was an ENORMOUS yellow chick, we assumed she must be a boy.

Green1, Green2,
Daughters of the Harem and Henry.  Not for breeding.

From 2016 hatch:

Daughter of Henry, spitting image of Roobarb, hatched 2016.  Glorious markings.  

Ann ("Annie")Sister to Barbara. 

Older Girls:

Gorgeous girl,  daughter of Roo and either Rose or Ruby. Twin of Batty.