Monday 4 March 2024

Procrastination - not always the thief of time

No, I didn't do any machine embroidery today.  What is wrong with me?!  I've got two birthdays and Mothers Day this coming weekend, and I just can't get motivated,

My procrastination today, however, was a triumph!

I made a replacement bag for my Pilates mat and ball!

I realised - early on - that I'd made a bit of an error in starting by sewing the channel for the drawstring.   I'd sewn the edge over with my seewing machine (first time in a very long time that she's had a bit of exercise),  and then I folded it over again and coverstitched it.

I hadn't considered that I'd need to leave a gap at the top of the long side, to enable nme to "open" the bag to put it on my mat.  I would be left with a raw edge.  However, I worked out a way to ensure that it wasn't a problem for sewing up the sides by quickly overlocking some extra fabric on to top of the side piece, then folding it over the raw edge and coverstitching.  Then I overlocked the rest of the side together.

It worked really well.  I should have realised before I started of course. And I sghould have just unpicked when I realised.   Buy, I didn't get cross with myself,  and I worked out a useable soluion, so that was a result.

I even managed to sew the bottom in without incident,   and I managed to get the drawstring through.  It looked very acceptable. 

And then I realised.

In my excitement at having worked out a slution,  I'd sewn up the side without putting the carrying strap in,  What an idiot!

I thought about my options for a while., If I hadn't sewn the bottom in, I would have just re-sewn the side seam,  I'd got enough space to do it.  However, I had sewn the bottom in, and I didn't want to have to redo it, 

In the end I decided to try just cutting two gaps and then resewing.  I thought abut what could go wrong, and took action. Firstly,  I marked where I wanted to insert the strap.  Then,  I used my sewing machine to zig zag along my marks.  reinforcing the seams either side of where i was going to open them.

I then unpicked the overlocking in the gap.  I inserted some webbing which had been threaded through a ring.  I then straight stitched it in place,  and then I went over this with a zig zag stitch many times.   I did the same at the other end.     I then did a lot of zigzagging on the webbing, to make sure that was reinforced as well,.  

Next,  i did a straight stitch, along my original seam line,, starting well before the webbing and ending well after.  I then zigzagged that as well. 

Finally, I used the overlocker to chop off the ends of the webbing, sealing it and giving another layer of reinforcement. 

It worked much better than I expected,

t would have been better if I'd just unpicked the channel.

It would have been quicker (with a better finish, this still has some bits that aren't great) i I'd just unpicked it in the first place.

But it was a good learning experience, and a great result.  I'm really, really happy that I saved it.

It's taller than I need, even with the ball on top of the mat, so I might redo the top bit at some point.